Switched to VoIP? - Not a Problem

Many homes and businesses no longer have a phone line and have switched to VoIP for phone service. IP Alarms have developed unique technology that repairs corrupted alarm signals, so whatever phone service you use - we can help you get your alarm monitoring service working again. This can often be done without a requirement for you to purchase any new equipment, so please check our various VoIP Solutions to find out which one is most suitable for your requirements.

Stuck under contract? Not a problem

IP Alarms can utilize VoIP Maximize Upgrade Technology to take over the connection between your alarm panel and existing monitoring company. A simple 'off the shelf' Cisco VoIP adapter at under $50 is all that is required to upgrade your system. Calls go out over the Internet from your home or business and into your existing monitoring company over a regular phone line. So, whether you are with ADT, Bay Alarm, Slomins, Protection One or anyone else, they will not even know anything has changed. If you are not happy with your existing monitoring service provider, then once you are out of contract, it takes just a few minutes for us to switch you to any other monitoring company you choose so you can benefit from superior service.

Full Dispatch Service with Professional Operators

IP Alarms have partnered with UL listed Nationwide Digital Monitoring in New York and together we can provide you with Full Dispatch service and reliably receive alarm signals sent over the Internet or Cellular networks using AlarmNet, DSC, Telular, Uplink, Napco NetLink and more. We can also reliably receive signals over your regular phone line when other monitoring companies cannot. In Canada, we have partnered with ULC listed DSI Security Systems in Winnipeg.

Web based Self Monitoring Service

Our web based Self Monitoring Platform is highly suited to todays high-tech world driven by the Internet and mobile devices. It is an inclusive part of any upgrade or service provided by IP Alarms and an ideal solution where you want full control over email and text alerts that get sent the people who care most about the security of your home or business. You, your family and your friends. Demo Login...

Cortelco 8211

Special offer for ADT Customers

If you have ADT without a phone line, confirm that your system is monitored by ADT and show us a receipt for your purchase of a Cortelco 8211 Single Line VoIP Analog Terminal Adapter from Amazon and we will waive the usual $29 account activation fee.

We will provide you with a list of settings that you can manually enter into the Cortelco ATA to make it compatible with our VoIP solutions and ADT Alarm Monitoring Centers. More...