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    Direct to Consumers

    IP Alarms and partner Nationwide Digital Monitoring
    in New York offer Full Dispatch Alarm Service

Switched to VoIP? - Not a Problem

Many homes and businesses no longer have a phone line and have switched to VoIP for phone service. IP Alarms have developed unique technology that repairs corrupted alarm signals, so whatever phone service you use - we can help you get your alarm monitoring service working again. This can often be done without a requirement for you to purchase any new equipment, so please check through our various Solutions to find out which one is most suitable for your requirements.

IP Phone
End User
Alerts to

Stuck under contract? Not a problem

IP Alarms developed the VoIP2Go VoIP network that allows your alarm system to relaibly transmit signals to your existing Alarm Monitoring Company. Our technology takes over the connection between your alarm panel and existing monitoring company and 'irons out' all of the incompatibilities. A simple 'off the shelf' Cisco VoIP adapter at under $50 is all that is required to upgrade your system. Calls go out over the Internet from your home or business and then into your existing monitoring provider over a regular phone line. So, whether you are with ADT, Bay Alarm, Slomins, Protection One or anyone else, they will not even know anything has changed. If you are not happy with your existing monitoring service provider, then once you are out of contract, it takes just a few minutes for us to switch you to any other monitoring company you choose so you can benefit from superior service.

VoIP Compatible

Any Alarm Format
Any Central Station

Modern Platform

Manage with your Smart Phone
Email and Text Alerts

Network Options

AlarmNet, DSC and more
Internet or Cellular

Technical Support

Available by Phone or Email
We'll get you monitored

Full Dispatch Service with Professional Operators UL listed Nationwide Digital Monitoring in New York

We support Internet or Cellular networks using AlarmNet, DSC, Telular, Uplink, Napco NetLink and more

Alarm Monitoring PLUS VoIP Phone Service

Our Voice over IP network was designed to monitor alarm systems, however, it is also a Phone Service and you can use it to make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. It supports all makes and models of alarm panel, VoIP adapters and IP Phones.

Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring Centers

Alarm Receiving Platform

Whether you want an IP upgrade for your single line receiver or want to use cutting edge Cloud based Virtual Receivers to process hundreds of signals per second - we have an Alarm Receiving solution for you. If you are just getting started, then we can provide you with a Cloud based Operator Alarm Queue so that your operators can handle events from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Cisco SPA112

Alarm Dealers

Affordable Migration

We can provide you with solutions that interface with any Security or Medical Alarm System and transmit signals in any alarm format with support for two way voice into the Central Station of your choice. We provide you with a web portal to manage your accounts and troubleshoot communications. If you are looking to upgrade your systems to IP then look no further than IP Alarms.

Mobile VoIP


Any Panel - Any Monitoring Company

Not only can you use our VoIP2Go network to reliably monitor your alarm system with your existing monitoring provider, you can use it to make calls to regular phone numbers too. Use an IP Phone at the office, a VoIP adapter at home, software on your computer or an App on your smart phone - all from a single account. All of this for just $5 per Month on a PayPal subscription with no contract.

Phone Service Features

Why our Customers choose Us

Most of our Customers choose IP Alarms and the VoIP2Go service because it is so easy to understand and so simple to setup. Others choose us because we provide niche features that our competitors are unable to offer. We never tie our Customers into a contract, in fact, we don't even offer contracts and you are free to cancel service whenever you like. Whatever the reason, we always appreciate your business and promise to keep innovating.


That's fine - so are a large percentage of our existing Customers who reliably send alarm signals to ADT through our platform every day.

Great - so is our partner Nationwide Digital Monitoring. They have been servicing New York for decades and they are UL Listed.

Then you may be interested in our Alarmnet-i or Alarmnet-GSM services to monitor your security system. We can also provide you with Total Connect feature upon request.

If you are confident enough to install your own DSC IP or Cellular Communicator, then we can monitor your system and provide full dispatch service throughout the USA and Canada.

If you do not require any technical support whatsoever, we can also monitor your system via Napco NetLink, DMP, Telular or UpLink at very competitive rates. These services are aimed at experienced DIY'ers who are capable of installing and maintaining their own security system and communication equipment. Feel free to contact us regarding monitoring service using any other type of equipment not mentioned on this web site.

        Feeling Geeky?    Let's get Technical...

We've got your covered...

ADT Compatible
VoIP No Problem
DSC Connect 24
NY and Nationwide

Plans and Pricing



Per Month

  • Calls existing Alarm Co
  • Requires Cisco SPA112
  • Optional VoIP on Line 2
  • Volume Discounts
  • No Contract

Self Monitoring


Per Year

  • Automated Alarm Platform
  • IP Camera Recording
  • Alerts via Email
  • Email2SMS allowed
  • Remote Arm not supported

Full Dispatch


Per Month

  • Monitoring by Live Operators
  • AlarmNet IP and Cellular
  • DSC IP and Cellular
  • Direct to Consumers
  • No Contract

Alarm + Phone


Per Month

  • Calls existing Alarm Co
  • Requires Cisco SPA112
  • Phone Service on Line 2
  • 500 minutes to US and Canada
  • Additional minutes 1c

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